Ajishra is medical billing company which increases your reimbursements. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with unrivaled personal and customized service to our clients and have one of the highest collection rates in industry.

Ajishra let you and your personnel focus on practicing medicine. Whether you have private or faculty practice or you are a primary care physician or a specialty practice; like nephrology, cardiology, dermatology, or orthopedics Ajishra can make your practice more profitable.

Ajishra's account executives knowledge, ability, and dedicated follow-up is why our adjustment rate is consistently lower, as low as 10% with Medicare.

If you use EMR with integrated billing software then we strongly urge you to consider the benefits of our service, which to name a few are :

  • Remote access and bill/collect on your system
  • All data will remain on your system, with ability to generate reports at any time.
  • A client representative will be assigned to your practice(available on cell phone, email or IM)
  • Monthly reports on your practice billing will be emailed for your review, providing you with CPT code usage and reimbursement overview.

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